Collaborative iPad art project

I have been working with some of the residents at the Richmond Retirement Village in Letcombe Regis on a collaborative iPad art project. I aim to print my finished artwork out on a canvas print, hopefully 80×60 cm in size. The artwork is inspired by the BBOWT Nature Reserve that is next to Richmond.

I have worked using iPads and running the Brushes Redux app, Procreate, and Art Studio apps. I have run workshops on the site giving an introduction to the Brushes app before, but this is the first time I have attempted to work collaboratively on a virtual artwork. Residents have been busy drawing and painting birds, especially those found on the reserve, and exporting these artworks as PNG files and either emailing them to me or exporting them to a shared Dropbox.

Unfortunately, for such a large canvas, and in order to incorporate everybody’s contribution I do have to revert to Photoshop on a computer to bring it all together, however the individual artworks are all done on iPads.