Photoshop Training HereIf you are interested in Adobe Photoshop training, it would help me if you would kindly fill in the following form as fully as possible. The aim of the form is to find out what you need to know about Photoshop and how I can effectively tailor tuition to suit you.

By the way, I offer independent tuition on a variety of technological subjects. But Adobe do offer their own specialised certified training for professionals internationally and around the UK. At the time of writing there are no courses presently listed here in Oxfordshire. But this link will take you to the page where they will be listed should they become available: Adobe’s Photoshop Training.

Please note, at the moment the Adobe Photoshop Training I offer is for Photoshop CC, CS6 or earlier, not Photoshop Elements.

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People want or need to know about Adobe Photoshop for many reasons. You may be an artist needing to learn how to create artwork digitally, a photographer who needs to retouch photos, or perhaps a designer who needs to correct or adapt artwork by an illustrator. Or, just for fun! Let me know, and you can be long-winded about it.
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