Flexible Computer Support Pricing

Computers and tablets are expensive items. It seems that the major suppliers expect you to upgrade and buy new ones with annoying regularity. But I believe in getting the best out of devices by looking after them and learning how to use them properly. I can help you keep Mac and PC computers, iPads and other tablets fast, up-to-date and safe to use – hopefully at an affordable price for your family or business.

I try offer flexible computer support pricing with both PAYG, prepaid and discount solutions:

My ad-hoc PAYG customers obviously pay per incident (see my current pricing on this page).

Retained support
My preferred long-term support option is for a prepaid retainer charge to be made to receive my preferential service statme. This charge includes a period of support with any additional time at a lower rate.

Fixed-price support
Alternatively, with small businesses, I may annually assess comprehensive support requirements and negotiate a monthly fee that hopefully covers all needs that may arise (not including travel, replacements or parts).

Running tab
I also offer to keep a running tab and bill quarterly or six-monthly rather than per incident, as long as the overall tab stays under an agreed amount.

Wantage & Grove Loyalty Card Scheme
I occasionally offer a discount through the local Wantage & Grove loyalty card scheme.

For more details, please get in touch.