20% discount on unlimited cloud backup. Free installation assistance for local users.

DuoDisk logoDuodisk offer unlimited cloud backup for any Mac or PC for the amazingly low price of £25/year.

So that is all the data you need for backing up a computer to the Cloud, for less than the price of a USB disk.

And now you can get 20% off that price with this code :


Use the code at the checkout. After you have checked out you can download and install the software on to your mac or PC. If you are local to the Wantage area, we can come over to install and set up the software for FREE.

It is valid for their unlimited backup-only plans, i.e. those that allow you to fully back-up computers, not those that involve synchronizing files between them.

  Backup as much as you like

It is an incredible deal. It means that if you have stacks of data – say you are a photographer, illustrator, or film maker, for instance – you can have ALL your data securely backed up and safe from disaster. Businesses can install it on a Windows or Mac server allowing all the server files to be backed up, which means your files can still be available even if the server you rely on fails.

  Backup whatever you like

Whatever you use your computer for, a Duodisk backup will allow you to backup any of your files and folders. These don’t need to be in a specific place or folder on your computer. So you can select any and every folder you use for files, documents, photos, videos or music and its contents will be automatically backed up from then on. You can also select disks that you physically connect to your computer via USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt, or media cards you insert into a card reader.

  A backup of your backup of your backup…

The service will keep up to 30 versions of the files you backup. Therefore, if you have to go back to retrieve a file as it was several weeks ago, then that’s OK. Apart from allowing you to backtrack on a file in development, this also saves you from those annoying situations when a file corrupts and you unfortunately back up the corrupted version over the good backup before you realize things have gone wrong.

  Storage for files no longer on your computer

If you need to save space on your computer, once some large files have been backed-up by DuoDisk, you can remove them from your computer. They will remain on your DuoDisk cloud backup. You can restore them as and when you need or want them. You can also view and download them on your mobile or tablet, even if they no longer reside on your computer.

  Secure storage

Finally, your files are all encrypted with AES-256 encryption, so they are unreadable unless accessed with your password. They are stored on UK-based servers 😉